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Your Gameplan as a Quarterback CEO

Every business will experience wins and losses. As a start up or solopreneur you have to do it all. But until you excel at leading your volunteer army, your growth and impact is limited. (even if you pay them, it's still voluntary). The mindset shift from 'do-er' to 'leader' is so hard that most people don't ever get there. Develop your gameplan and discover how to lead your team across the line. Stack up wins and build the skills to coach-up your future quarterbacks.

Irrelevant; On Purpose

Every business executives, company leaders and franchise owners wants more time, freedom or money. But people problems and external limits can have you working like a slave to the business; feeling stuck, uncertain and afraid of losing it all. And if nothing changes, you just might. After all, 90% of businesses fail. And that is not O.K.. Every business should create value, succeed and make money. Set up the operation to churn profits while you become irrelevant. Discover the steps to take to liberate your future to live out your full purpose.

Permanent Leadership

73% of business owners in the US believe there is a God as described in the Bible. If that’s true, and if God has given each of us a purpose for being on the planet, then letting our faith show through our business practices can be very rewarding. But it’s not what you think! It’s not just a warm fuzzy feeling. Rewards for working in His service are public and permanent. Discover how your leadership within a team or organization has a direct impact on your eternal standing.

Paul's Story

Paul's Story

When cancer, loss of a home and the financial crisis crushed his businesses and dreams of the future, Paul discovered the fallacy in his best laid plans and how to make a way that serves family, community and the Kingdom. As a coach of Quarterback CEO’s, Paul’s delivery demands the best from everyone in attendance. Your audience will be challenged, inspired and empowered to embrace new thinking, adopt new methods so they can leverage their company as an extension of their calling. They will get their team across the goal line and win the ultimate championship; a future filled with more time, money and freedom along with confidence that God will say 'well done'.

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